GP, AKTEL, Banglalink, Teletalk internet settings

GP, AKTEL, Banglalink, Teletalk internet settings
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1. Type “*#06#” to see the IMMI number of your handset.
For example, let your IMMI no is 350143304709722. Write the first 8 digit down of your IMMI number e.g. 35014330.
Now go to your Message menu and write a sms as follows:
-> For WAP settings: wap 35014330
-> For MMS settings: mms 35014330
-> For Internet settings: web 35014330
and send* it to 8738
+ TK. 0.015 + VAT 15% per Kb for browsing
+ Download charges as applicable
+ Standard SMS charge for settings
+ AKTEL to AKTEL MMS: TK 5 + VAT 15%
+ AKTEL to Email: TK. 7 + VAT 15%
$Grameen phone:
#Subscribe first:
Package 1 (P1), type P1 and send SMS to 5000
Package 2 (P2), type P2 and send SMS to 5000
Package 3 (P3), type P3 and send SMS to 5000
Package 4 (P4), type P4 and send SMS to 5000
By sms:
WAP Settings: SMS – WAP Handset_Name Model_Number to 8080.
MMS Settings: SMS – MMS Handset_Name Model_Number to 8080.
Internet Settings: SMS – Internet Handset_Name Model_Number to 8080.
For example: WAP Nokia 6600
*Manual WAP Settings:
Profile/Settings Name = GP-WAP
APN (Access Point Name) = gpwap
WAP Gateway (Proxy) IP =
WAP Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080
WAP Homepage =
Data Bearer = GPRS
*Manual MMS Settings:
Profile/Settings Name = GP-MMS
APN (Access Point Name) = gpmms
Gateway (Proxy) IP =
Gateway (Proxy) Port = 8080
Relay Server URL =
Data Bearer = GPRS
$Bangla link:
#Manually (wap)
Profile Name: blweb
APN: blweb
Protocol: http
Profile Name: blwap
APN: blwap
Proxy/Gateway Address: or
Port: 8799
Protocol: http
$Tele Tolk
To activate GPRS service. Write ‘reg’ or unl [for unlimited use] and send SMS to 111. It’ll be activated within 72 hours and you will be notified. Charge applicable, only TK. 25.00 + Vat 15%.
Then configure your mobile handset for using GPRS:
APN: wap (for regular) or gprsunl (for unlimited)
Port: 9201
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