Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur, Bangladesh

Govt. Begum Rokeya College

About College: Begum Roquia (c. 1880-1932)

Begum Roquia, also known as Begum Roquia Sakhawat Hussain, Begum R. S. Hussain or Begum Rokeya, was a pioneer of women’s liberation movement in the South Asian subcontinent. She was a prolific author, relentless activist for gender equality, and the founder of the Anjuman e Khateen e Islam (Islamic Women’s Association) during the colonial era. Begum Roquia was born in the Rangpur district of northern Bangladesh during the British occupation of the South Asian subcontinent. Her family was an aristrocratic Muslim family (Ashraf). At the age of 16, she married Urdu speaking Khan Bahadur Sakhawat Hussain who was a civil sevant under British administration. Begum Roquia set up the Sakhawat Memorial High School in 1909, naming it in tribute of her husband who died earlier the same year. She remains a revered and celebrated figure in the history of Bangladesh.

Full History :History of the Govt. Begum Rokeya College.

History of the Govt. Begum Rokeya College.

Historical city Rangpur. It is the birth place/puerperal chamber of many movement against the British rules here born. The extra-ordinary genius the pioneer of Bangladesh women liberation Begum Rokeya. It is not be expected to have a without institution for women to study in the traditional city. But this latent dream was only in the mind of its people not get an opportunity to materialize due to the lack of invest as or precursor. It was Mr. Yeakub Ali Khan the then DC of Rangpur. He felt the need to establish a Girls college for the development of female education here at Rangpur town. Keeping this great objective ahead he shaved ideas with the alights, educationists and other sectors of the society as a result steps were taken to consider/ determine the mammoth tasks. But for some unavoidable circumstances he has to leave Rangpur as he has been transferred. The result of this stops the mission on for sometime. At the end of 1962 Mr. Md. Amiruzzaman came to join in Rap. as additional DC for a while. Finally, Mr. Abdus Satter came to join the place of Mr. Amiruzzaman. Needless to mention that upon the timely encouragement of Mr. Amiruzzaman and the proper guidance of then DC Mr. O.S. Karani the establishment of a female college the Rangpur went very far away. Mr. Abdus Satter and his wife Mrs. Elen Satter of (German born). Were both highly educated. Together they themselves felt the need of establishing a female college in Rangpur for the development of the women of Rangpur and gave a certain new color to the long dream of the people of this region as well as to endeavor their dream materialized. Mr. Late Tohmidur Rahman. The DEO of Rangpur has taken a pioneering role the establishing a college, at Rangpur. Besides, there were some renowned persons involved in the same deeds. Famer social welfare officer Mr. Fazilatun Nesa (Bulu Apa) former ADC Mr. Abdus Satter and his wife Mrs. Elen Satter, Mr. Ekram (ADC) and Mr. Os Karani (The DC) upon their inspiration and guidance the establishment of a different Girls College at Rangpur began formally.

On July 25, 1963 Rangpur Girls College was established. The inauguration & the Preliminary programs were held at the Bamondanga Jaminder Baroda Sundaris unused house in time of its primitive stage. In the inaugural prog. many men of letters including educationists poets, laureates & people of all classes were presents.

The day also should be remembered as a red letter day as on the same afternoon the inauguration of RNP college was held in Koilash R. H/S.

At present the college is 1 km. east from the pigeon point of Rangpur town in an area called Shalbon. The Jaminders house is a very calm & quiet place. The total Area of the Jaminders house was 3.64 Acre in which the college raises its head & proclaims its glorious history.

A month of establish of the college perhaps on July the process of admission of the SS Begum. In the beginning there who were involved in established peoples. The college went out doy & doy to collect SS. At preliminary stage bearing the name of Rangpur women’s college. The college begin its historical journey with Zo/Zs SS. The no. increased day by day. At present the no stands about 500. The college was established in the year 1963 on July. As per the prior decision Mrs. Elen A Satter became the former principal of the college she handled her duty as principal very carefully for about six months and then handover the charge to I.R.E.U. (from March 1963 to Aug. 1963) as her husband was transferred. In her place Mr. Emayuddin Ahmed took the change as principal in the same year it could be mentioned were that Mr. Ahmed was also took the responsibility as founder principal of Rangpur College simultaneously. Money is the foundation of everything without money no humanitarian deeds can be achieved. The common people of Rangpur at the time of establishing the college extended their hands with what they had. Meanwhile, some institutions like Dist Council, Municipality Union Council, Merchants of Rangpur, Carmichael College, educationists, Intellectuals also extend their financial support and co-operation for the establishment of the college.

In the meantime as Residential hostel for the distant students were also opened.

The HSC level 5 subs namely Bangla, English, Economic, History. & Philosophy were studied immediately after the establishment of the college in the year 1963. The no of SS were gradually increasing after the college is affiliated with Rajshahi UV & the result of the college gets high admiration. In the year 1966 a student from the college obtained 1st div. Meanwhile, in the year 1966 Degree (Pass) was opened for higher education. In the beginning a total of about 60 SS got opportunity to obtained Degree but as years grows this no increased. Syed Shamse Ara Hossain served the college as principal from 1964-66. She very skilled fully managed the administration of the college in the year as new dimension was included in the history of the college. Because in this year by opening science in HSC level the dow of women’s education got opened found as new life. Official Web Site

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