How to secure your password from hackers attacks?

Today tip will help you to secure your computer from the access of professional hackers. There are some hacker’s breaks into your computer without using any impressive programming skills but trying to find words to guess as your password. Normally people use their name, house number, mobile number and word “password” as a password. If you have very simple password then a hacker can hack your computer very easily. To safe your computer from hackers there is a best way to create a tricky password. Here I will tell you some different type of tricks to make your password that can’t guess easily by any body. 
Use the maximum characters in your password. 
Always set the password using maximum characters length, because it is simple method, if your password is longer then it is very difficult to guess. 
Use the combination of lower-case and upper case letters in your password.

Normally computer users use the lower case in password selection but it is best practice to use the combination of both (lower-case and upper case). So using different cases in your password makes it much more difficult to crack. 
Use the combination of letters and numbers in your password. 
When you mix both letters and numbers just like one letter and one number then your password is more incomprehensible. 
Avoid using the name of your family members as password. 
Always try to avoid the name of your child, spouse, city and country name as password, because if any body knows about your personal life’s details then they try to use these detail to guess your password. 
Use any tools to create random password.
There are many third party tools are available to create the random password. You can create passwords containing a very difficult –to-guess collection of random characters with these tools.

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