Rangpur Cadet College, Rangpur

A cadet college is a special type of institution following the model of English public schools. The Pakistan government established the first cadet college in 1954 before the liberation of Bangladesh. In 1979, Rangpur Cadet College was established as the sixth Cadet College of Bangladesh. Without establishing a new infrastructure, the former Rangpur Residential Model High School was converted into a cadet college with some infrastructural modification. The land now owned by the college now is partially taken from the Carmichael College, a reputed educational college which stands beside it. The college started with its first 3 batches (called Intake in the terms of Cadet Colleges) in 7th, 8th and 9th grade in 1979. Cadet Hossain Sohel Shahnewaz was the first College Prefect of the CCR (who was assassinated on the February 25, 2009 in the BDR mutiny). Within very few days it started showing success in every field it's concerned with. From 2003, English was introduced as the medium of education as per the government decision to convert the Cadet Colleges into English Medium. Afterward the college was converted into English Medium with 28th intake as the first batch in English Medium. The 35th intake is now the latest batch entering the college in April, 2009 and the 30th intake is currently the most senior batch.

Rangpur Cadet College is Located in the district named Rangpur. The college is established in a sound and quiet environment outside the main city in a suburban area. It’s 5 km south to the main town, and situated beside the Dhaka-Rangpur highway.
The surrounding green environment has a nice panoramic view. Long trees made the place more attractive. . There is a canal which passing through the campus. The sun set scene is very appealing. Students enjoy the environment much. Far away from the busy city life all get an opportunity to think and build themselves as the nation builders of tomorrow.
The infrastructure is very organized. As a Cadet College it fulfills the entire criterion. For its size, the institute is well planned. The links from the Academic Building to Houses, Dining Hall, Mosque and an Auditorium is unique. Following are the main features of the campus:
Main Academic Building.
Residential Houses for Cadets.
An Auditorium named Birsreshto Mostafa Auditorium.
A Dining Hall named Birsreshto Motiur Dining Hall.
A Mosque.

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