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Tips about DSL Filters
More about DSL filters: SL filters can purchase from a variety of locations. Your local electronics store should have some, though if DSL is new the area, they might not. Though a DSL filter website can be an excellent place to buy from, shipping costs can nearly double the price of such an inexpensive device. Your DSL provider may offer filters for free, or may be able to get you a deal on a filter through another company. Also, try checking with a friend or neighbor who has a DSL internet connection, and see of they have any extra filters for you to use.

How DSL Filters Work
Voice signals and DSL data signals are carried to a given user on the same segment of copper wire. This is possible because the voice and data signals are carried over different frequencies. This works very well on paper, but in real world applications, when both phone and data signals are coming to a user simultaneously, there is some moderate interference. A DSL filter works by minimizing this interference, making for a faster DSL connection.
About DSL filters: A DSL filter is a simple piece of hardware that improves service over unfiltered DSL. DSL Filers are relatively simple devices that can installed by a user without professional supervision. Despite this, most of them come with owner's manuals to ease the installation process for the less-tech savvy. They are also inexpensive. As a result, making use of a DSL filter is one of the best ways to optimize your DSL performance

Selecting a DSL Filter
A DSL filter can be an excellent upgrade. But there are several things to think about before choosing one. First of all, DSL filters do not actually hook up to your DSL connection. Instead, they go on devices that use the phone line. Though some recommend buying a filter for every phone device you own, it is important to realize that it's highly unlikely you will be using your DSL and dial-up modem connections simultaneously. Also, some DSL filters provide additional services, such as surge protection, or signal splitting. Before buying, weigh all the features of each filter to determine which is best for you.

Naked DSL
One of the most promising of DSL's technologies is naked DSL. Conventional DSL connections share a cable with a voice connection. Naked DSL, however, does not. Like the ultimate DSL filter, with naked DSL, there's no interference to speak of. Additionally, naked DSL is far more competitive against cable internet in terms of speed. But, for a variety of reasons, local phone companies are unwilling to offer naked DSL to most users.

Obtaining Naked DSL
Regular DSL is widely available today, and can be accelerated using DSL filters. However, its faster cousin, naked DSL, is far harder to come by. This is because most DSL providers are phone companies. Unlike regular DSL, which comes with a phone connection, naked DSL does not. Unfortunately, phone companies make a good profit margin off local service, and are unwilling to offer customers broadband access without it. As cable internet surges in popularity, though, it may force DSL providers to start offering naked DSL in earnest.

Tips about DSL ISPs
---------There are many DSL service providers are working in market and offering DSL connection with different rates. Some are providing high speed connection with many extra benefits like first one month free, free modem and may be some free software (popup blocker, antivirus) download option. Mostly DSL provider offering traffic allowed up to 1 GB with basic 128 Kbps internet connection. But if you want to play online games, downloading audio or video files and uploading data, then the traffic allowed(1 GB) in one month from DSL provider will be the main issue for you. May be some DSL provider offering you up to 2 GB or more with the same rates. Always consider their customer support and modem warranty strategy whether they are offering free or paid service in case any problem after getting connection. Some DSL providers offer more benefits for you with DSL connection to compete with others services provider like first one month free, free modem and some antivirus software. Meanwhile some ISP offers you discount package if you will pay them 6 to 8 months advance internet monthly payments. At the end I recommend you, always choose your nearest DSL service provider for good internet speed with minimum problem because distance also matter in DSL.

----- Tips about Direct TV DSL
DSL can be considered an extension of phone service. Cable internet can be considered an extension of cable TV service. Direct TV DSL was at one point an extension of the DirecTV-style mini-dish satellite TV service. But it struggled to find and audience and DirecTV pulled the plug. Since then, a number of satellite internet providers have sprung up, but apparently none of them offer a TV plus DSL service. If you are interested in such a package of TV plus high speed internet, keep an eye on the internet, and write your nearest cable company, asking if they can extend service to your area. Watch tv online or full length movies as an alternative to DSL channels.

Disadvantages of Direct TV DSL
More about Direct TV DSL: Though cutting edge and effective worldwide, Direct-TV DSL has many downsides. Most prohibitive of all is the cost. A dish and specialized modem must be purchased for use. This costs upwards of 500 dollars. Additionally, service fees tend to be higher than cable and DSL. Unlike wire-based systems, Direct TV DSL packages generally do not offer a fixed IP address, meaning that it is very difficult to run your own webpage over a satellite connection. Partial service outages or slowdowns can also be caused by bad weather or something blocking the dish.
There are many unique advantages to Direct TV DSL. Unlike regular DSL, or even cable, Direct TV DSL is available anywhere worldwide. Even ships at sea can receive broadband internet access by using it. Since the connection from source to user contains no wires, damage to phone lines does not affect service. Also, due to the relatively low numbers of users, it is essentially immune to signal slowdown due to overuse. It is also incredibly cool to show off to friends visiting your home.

Obtaining Direct TV DSL
Direct TV DSL is available all over the world. However, it can be hard to find a provider. Unlike DSL, which is backed largely by phone companies, and cable internet, which is backed by cable internet services, Direct-TV DSL is largely provided by independent companies. A local phone directory will most likely not mention any providers. Try internet searches for best results, or asking a friend who has experience with the service.

Direct TV DSL
About Direct TV DSL: Direct TV DSL is very unlike conventional DSL. However, it is very much like direct TV. With Direct TV DSL, Internet connectivity is provided by a satellite, which broadcasts to a small dish, much like satellite TV companies use. Though sometimes called Direct-TV DSL, this service is almost entirely unlike DSL. The only real similarities are that different users link directly to a singular central point.

Choosing Direct TV DSL
The question of whether or not to choose broadband DSL television is an important one. After all, the service costs many times what comparable-speed connections do. However, it offers a level of reliability well above that of other services. Whether it's the right choice for you might have more to do with whether or not you have access to other services than anything else. If other broadband options are not there, Direct TV DSL fills the gap nicely.
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