FREE and best SEO backlinks to your website to improve your ranking – SocialMonkee Review

Yes, you can now get best SEO backlinks to your website for FREE to improve your site ranking.
If you are a blogger then you would love writing and not building backlinks.
Inspite of writing some quality content, your blog goes unnoticed. Why is that ?
Looking for an answer to this mysterious question? Then take this – Along with quality content, you need backlinks too. Infact , when Google was developed, it was named BackRub because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site. Now you know why backlinks become so important.
Backlinks are the one which drive your siterank higher in the search engine results and with higher rankings comes more traffic to your site.
Every blogger want his/her website to reach to a larger chunk of audience. You want your website to be noticed by all search-engines and get some good traffic.
Here at I’m always on the lookout for some new stuff for easy and quick backlinks to my website.  And look what I found, an awesomeinstant link building website – SocialMonkee. Whats more ! It’s FREE .
socialmonkee best free seo backlinks FREE and best SEO backlinks to your website to improve your ranking   SocialMonkee Review
Social Monkee – The Free Instant Backlink Builder
A new instant link building solution that lets you create 25 backlinks to your sites everyday. All this with just a PUSH OF A BUTTON. Build backlinks to any page or post of your website every single day.
There are hundreds of such websites, why choose backlinks from SocialMonkee ?
The backlinks in SocialMonkee are created on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains. If you are wondering what C-Class IP address mean? Let me tell you, the backlinks created here are considered to be unique as the links come from different networks, not just single site (considered spam site).
Now this is AWESOME.
Imagine -
Being able to push a button and get 25 inbound do follow links from all different sites will result in you building 750 backlinks to your website, without you lifting a finger or paying for the service.
What are the advantages ?
  • Save hundreds of hours by automating part of your backlink building tasks.
  • Easily and quickly create thousands of backlinks every month.
  • The ability to link back to an unlimited number of your website pages and or blog pages.
  • Your benefits grow as more sites are added to the SocialMonkee  network.
How to build backlinks using  SocialMonkee?
You have two options when using SocialMonkee:
  • The first is by visiting Social Monkee directly and filling in the submission form.
  • But this is an even faster way! Download and install their Firefox Plugin – it automates the form entry by pre-filling the fields with information from your link.
The forms provide the ability to enter three separate titles, descriptions and tags for each of your links. One of the three entries will be randomly selected when the link is posted on each of their site.
free seo link building FREE and best SEO backlinks to your website to improve your ranking   SocialMonkee Review
SocialMonkee Premium :
If 25 backlinks are not enough for you then there is an optional premium service. On upgrading, you can  submit to 100 sites for 3 times a day. Thats a whopping 9000 baclinks every month.
The Downside of SocialMonkee
I need to tell this too. Currently, there are only 100 sites present in their network. Don’t get me wrong, this still represents a great opportunity. Having just the free account, you do not get complete access to the reports that show where your backlinks have been created.
A more serious problem that I need to tell you is the fact that their servers don’t appear to be completely stable. I personally got a lot of “Too many connections” errors will browsing the site.
This error occurs when the SQL database can no longer handle the flow of higher traffic.
This clearly indicate that the service has become very popular.
I anticipate they will address this issue soon and boost the capabilities on the backend.
free and best seo backlinjs for google FREE and best SEO backlinks to your website to improve your ranking   SocialMonkee Review

Last Words

Using SocialMonkee will drastically increase your search engine indexing and rankings.  And we all know that increased search engine rankings will bring you more traffic, more leads and more money in your pocket!

Create your free account now,

before they figure out that they can charge even for this FREE option, as it is gaining popularity every day.
Always remember this Traffic MANTRA:

More Quality Backlinks = Increased Search Rankings = Massive Traffic + Leads + Sales

Backlinks on good and quality websites are not so easy to come by. When you can get them free and with minimal effort, get two big handfuls and more if you can.

What do you feel about FREE and best SEO backlinksto your website to improve your ranking – SocialMonkee Review?

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