JDownloader latest free download FREE Best Internet Download Managers or Accelerators for Windows
JDownloader is a easy-to-use download manager that lets you quickly and efficiently download files from Internet.
This Java-based utility makes the whole file downloading process effortless, saving you the pain of endless pop-up windows, waiting times and download links cunningly hidden among dozens of Ads..
With this awesome utility you can simply add as many download links to it which will all be stored and processed one after the other.
The image verification or CAPTCHA is filled in automatically by JDownloader which means that you can keep it running in the background all the time without having to actively manage the downloads.
Additionally, many “link encryption” sites are supported – so you just paste the “encrypted” links and JD does the rest.
JDownloader can import CCF, RSDF and the new DLC files.
It allows you to download flash videos from various video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, clipfish video etc.
I need not speak about JDs ability to easily download streaming MP3s.
It can also automatically acquire a new IP address to save waiting time.
With JDownloader your downloads will be completed much faster!
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