Microsoft Security Essentials

Rather than installing a number of different tools to deal with the various kinds of threat that exist, why not turn to a single program that can take care of all of them?
Microsoft Security Essentials – Yes, this is that program I am speaking about.
Developed by the same company that created the popular Windows operating system, Microsoft Security Essential is an antivirus solution that can shield your computer from various kinds of malicious softwares, viruses and other threats.
At the first look, Microsoft Security Essentials might seem a pretty basic and simple solution that is not able to provide better protection than one of the many freebies out there.
As a matter of fact, Microsoft Security Essentials is as effective as any other top antivirus products out there.
The program offers real-time and on-demand protection against a range of threats and most of them are dealt automatically on your behalf.
It comes with easy and fast installation, very fast scanning processes and amazingly quick updates delivered to one’s computer.
This is why those looking for a freeware antivirus solution surely need to give this software a try.
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