Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Specifications & Pics

Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked Specifications Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Specifications & Pics
Here are Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Specifications & Pic.

Samsung, the pioneer of smartphones leading ahead of various other competitors had previously said that it would announce its weapon of the year 2012 –   Galaxy S 3 at the ongoing Mobile World Congress.

But even before the announcement was made, Galaxy S 3 has been leaked.
This beauty is all set to steal the show in the year 2012.
I own a Samsung Galaxy Note, and I must tell that Samsung are doing a very good job both in terms of design and hardware.
This picture at the top reportedly to be of Samsung Galaxy S 3 just blew me away. It looks gorgeous, so are its specifications.

I had a feeling that HTC One X and Sony Xperia U will be the coolest phones of the year 2012 but only now I realize that the Samsung Galaxy S 3 will be the Android phone to lookout for.

Specifications :

Inside this amazing Galaxy S 3 is said to be a quad-core Samsung Exynos CPU running at 1.5GHz.
The display is said to be 4.8-inch 16×9 display. What makes it super special is – reportedly its a Blu-ray display.
2MP front cam and an 8MP rear cam.
The phone will rock with a 4G LTE.
The case is reportedly made of ceramic, which in a world of plastic and aluminum, is a revolutionary change.
Ceramic feels great to the touch, can be very durable and also it’s environment friendly. Adding more to it, Apple can’t complain on Samsung claiming patent rights and other copying stuff.
It will come with Android 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich ) installed on it.
The phone is expected to hit market in a few months from now.

What is your take on – ” Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Specifications & Pics ” ?

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