Top 10 Freelancing Websites

If you are planning to make some side money, or want to be your own boss and planning to work from home, please read on. There are several freelancer websites offer thousands ofwork from home jobs. You don’t have to spend a single penny to open an account and it’s completely free to sign up and bid for any jobs. In the best of my research, here are the best 10 freelancer websites you can look.
1. Elance
Elance posts more than 90 thousand jobs every month and most recommended freelancer website. You will find a job that’s fit with your skill with high paying. There are different jobs you will find such as; Programming, Designing, Writing, Marketing, Consulting, Administrative, Engineering, Legal etc.
2. oDesk
There are varieties of jobs posted on oDesk for entry to expert level. It posted over 1.5 million jobs per year and easy to start with. oDesk also posts similar jobs as Elance, such as; Web developer, Software development, Administrative support, writing, translator,customer service, sale, marketing etc. Both contract and hourly jobs are available at oDesk.
3. Freelancer
Freelancer is also a world largest freelancing company and posts different kind of jobs such as; IT& Software, Mobile phones, computing, Date entry, writing, translating, business,human resource, sale, marketing etc.
4. GetFreelancer24.Com
GetFreelancer24 is another largest online market place for the freelancer. There are varieties of jobs such as; Websites, Ecommerce, Programming, Admin support, Data entry, Engineering, Fashion, Graphics Designer, Marketing, Telephone systems and Design Contest system etc.

5. SultanContest.Com
Online Design Contesting website. Very new and popular and good reputation 

6. Peopleperhour
More than 400 thousand freelancers are working through PeoplePerhour and you will find almost all kind of jobs posted in Elance, oDesk, Guru and GetFreelancer24.
7.  Eworksale
Sale your digital all work. Payment guaranteed!!
8. FreelanceSwitch
9. iFreelance
10. All Freelance work
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