Audience Profiles and the Three Pillars

Another way to think about audience profiles is through the lens of the Three Pillars of SEO. If you’re struggling to see the relevance of avatars to your business, let’s take a look at how they can inform your efforts in each of the key areas. You could also consider these conversely: if you’re struggling in any or each of these areas, an avatar could give you a different perspective and a starting point for content creation and engagement.
Content: Content is only effective if it speaks to the reader. Your customer profiles will help clarify who you’re writing for, what topics to focus on, the language, positioning, and calls to action that are effective, and where you should publish to make sure your materials are seen.
Social media marketing: Social media is a broad space, from the major networks to niche sites. Understanding your audience will help you choose the right networks to be active on, what tone to take, and how to create content that connects and fosters the right level of engagement.
Links: Audience profiles can help you create a simple learning loop that informs your link efforts. Understanding your audience will help you target your content and outreach efforts to the sites and publications that they’ll care about and are most likely to read and trust. A secondary effect of this is that you’re also going to choose authority publications that are truly and meaningfully linked to the topic you’re establishing yourself in. This has positive implications for both search engines and audience building.
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