Channels and Your Website

Organic search, or natural traffic from search engines, is one potential source of visitors to your website. There are numerous other potential drivers of traffic to a website. A quick overview of the types of the website traffic should include:
  • Organic traffic, as a result of search engine results from places like Google and Bing
  • Referral traffic, based on links from other websites sending through visitors that click
  • Social media marketing traffic, from participation and links on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Paid traffic, which results from advertising like banner ads and Pay-Per-Click advertising on search engines through programs like Google Adwords
  • Direct traffic, where customers type in your site’s URL directly into their browser
While SEO typically used to mean organic traffic, it’s now much more commonly used to refer to the universe of potential visitors from all these different channels. Optimizing for search engine traffic is important. But diversified traffic bases help make you immune to the fluctuations of search engines over time, and help you discover what traffic sources will send you your most profitable and engaged customers.
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