Content and Inbound Marketing

Content and inbound marketing have risen to prominence in the last few years. Content was once considered necessary, but less important than building links and other tactics that attracted traffic. Today, high quality content is the cornerstone of your interactions with customers and how sites achieve top rankings.
Content marketing has become synonymous with inbound marketing, or the concept that quality content is the best way to attract customers, links, and social interaction. In the inbound marketing sphere, marketers focus on creating strong website content, social media updates, email marketing campaigns and more. High-quality, authoritative content builds your brand and visibility, and carefully designed landing pages use persuasive copy and strong calls to action to move prospects through the buying funnel. Here’s a closer look at what businesses need to know about content marketing.

What Qualifies as Content?

Content refers to a broad range of creative tools that your business creates to educate, attract and delight customers. It includes but isn’t limited to:
  • Web page content
  • Blog posts
  • Articles and guest posts
  • Social media updates
  • EBooks, white papers, and reports
  • Presentations
  • Brochures, tips sheets, and product FAQs
  • Sales pages
  • Videos and micro-videos
  • Pictures, infographics, and animated GIFs
content IG Chapter 8: Content and Inbound Marketing
Choosing which types of content are right for your customers and right for achieving a specific business goal is at the heart of effective content marketing. Experimentation is one of the best ways to find your voice in the market, both on your site and in the broader digital landscape. Don’t be afraid to try different formats until you decode the approach that’s right for your specific situation.
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