Duplicate Content Checker Tools – Free and Paid

“Content is the king”, there’s absolutely nothing that differentiates your websites from those of the competitors. However, creating great content requires a lot of research, effort, and expertise with the language. In fact, the quality of the information and the style in which it is provided are the two pillars on which the best quality content stands.
However, you’d know that it is too easy for anybody to copy the content you write after days of research, using all your writing skills. Therefore, it is important for you to have access to tools that let you know as to when and where your content gets copied. Also, if you are using the services of content writers for your websites, you can use tools that check for duplicate content to ensure that they do not, intentionally or non-intentionally, copy content from anywhere.
Here, we introduce BEST and TOP content duplication checking tools to you, both free and paid ones. After going through the features and shortcomings of each, you can make an informed choice about the ones that’ll suit your purposes well.
Please Note : Nowadays these tools have gained lot of importance due to the Google Panda updates which mainly concentrates on the UNIQUENESS of the content. There may be many webmasters who deal with publishing many articles on a single day, and these tools will be very useful in identifying the plagiarized content.

Free Duplicate (plagiarized) Content Checking Tools

Copyscape (Free)

copyscape duplicate check
  • Copyscape is among the most widely used duplication checking tools online.
  • In the free services offered by CopyScape, you can check for duplicity of content that is already active on the Internet, i.e., by using the URL of the content for which you want to conduct the check.
  • The results indicate to you as to how much content is copied, and the source web pages from where it is copied, with the sources of the copied content highlighted.
  • Copyscape also offers you free warning banners that you can use to ward off plagiarists attempting to copy your content.
  • Copyscape shows all pages that copy your content, so you might have a long list of plagiarism results for a single block of content.
New update!!


It seems like a good tool to check your website and how it performs on search engines. Sadly, it is not accurate as copyscape, but maybe it is in BETA, so it will improve over time.
Note : In the FAQs section of that site i found this “Siteliner is a new free service provided by the creators of Copyscape” so if this is TRUE (i still didn’t confirm), then you should give it a try and let us know your views on this new comer ;).
Reasons why it is created ?
They mentioned in their site that Copyscape normally checks for plagiarized (duplicate) content between a particular page and the entire internet, so they made a tool that can identify and can catch duplicate content within the website.

Site URL – www.siteliner.com
Latest update from one of my good friends (Donna) on Siteliner (March 30, 2013)
Siteliner.com is in beta stage right now and seems to offer a lot of details about every page in your site. You type in the url for your post and it swiftly runs a total check of your site showing % of duplication found on the web. It also shows with highlights which words are copied in EACH post in a sidebar. They include an estimate of the SEO power of every page. You will see a listing of internal and external links as well. I just ran into this today and I like how they are a simple and clean site. They show as much as Copyscape regarding plagiarism checks and much more.It is exceptionally easy to see which areas need a boost.  I am adding this to my folder of article checkers.  I like it. I was surprised to see it advertised on Copyscape this morning.
While using Siteliner.com I wanted to check a freeware program I used a while ago. So I did a search for free online tools for checking article duplication. However, be aware that some of these tools, like DupeCop, are no longer free.  And, of course, some are better than others. Copyscape is still one of the royal standards but now it has some competition with Siteliner.

Plagium (Free)

plagium duplicate check
  • Plagium is another power packed free tool that you can use to find out duplication of your content online.
  • Using Plagium, you can select whether you want to conduct the search over the entire World Wide Web, news based portals, or social networks.
  • Also, the advanced search options let you decide the strictness of the search, and whether you want to limit the search to a specific language.
  • Plagium is free for usage, as long as the query is up to 25,000 characters. For more advanced features of Plagium, paid services need to be used.

Paper Rater

paper rater duplicate check service
  • Paper Rater is a powerful resource using the inputs of several linguistic experts and graduates dedicated to providing services to writers and content managers.
  • Using Paper Rater, you get real time results with the services spanning across plagiarism detection, spell checks and grammar checks, and readability statistics for the content.
  • Paper Rater also offers a grammar rating tool that writers can use to enhance their skills.
  • While providing the content you want checked, you can specify the citations etc, if any, so that the results you get are more accurate.

Article Checker

article checker duplicate check service
  • Article Checker is a simple, yet helpful free plagiarism detection tool.
  • You can provide links for the content you want checked, and even paste the content you want to check as well.
  • Also, you have the option of selecting the search engines whose results are used to extract results of copying.
  • However, the credibility of the search results is not 100% assured, as there are no claims of any proprietary techniques of content duplicity detection being used.
  • Also, the fact that you’d have advertisements on the screen makes the experience of using this tool less impressive.
  • If you do not wish to spend any money to conduct duplication checks, and want to be able to paste the text you want to check rather than only using links, this tool would serve you well.

Plag Tracker

plagiarism tracker duplicate check service
  • Plag Tracker promotes itself as the most accurate service for checking plagiarism.
  • The report informs you about the source from where the highlighted section is copied.
  • It also tells you about the sections and text parts that need citations, thus making the tool a must have for those submitting and checking dissertations and theses.


plagiarisma duplicate check service
  • Plagiarisma is another free tool that allows searches both for links and pasted content.
  • You can also upload documents for which you want the search done.
  • The tool supports more than 190 languages, and proves to be a suitable tool for students, writers, teachers and all educationists.


dupli checker
  • Duplichecker is a helpful copy detection tool if you want to conduct the check for offline content.
  • You can paste the content in the search box it provides and have results of plagiarism, if any.
  • However, you can only use 1500 odd words in one search.
  • The presence of advertisements on the page, however, is a turn down.

Paid Duplicate (plagiarized) Content Checking Tools

Copyscape (Paid)

copyscape paid duplicate check
  • If you want to conduct plagiarism checks for content and articles that are not yet online, you can purchase search credits from Copyscape, with 200 searches costing you $10.
  • A single search can be easily used to check for about 2000 words of content, as advised by Copyscape, although lengthier queries can also be used.
  • In addition, there is a Copysentry service as well, which can alert you if and when your content is copied by anybody online.
  • This is done through daily scanning of the web for plagiarism of your content.
TIP : To save money in copyscape paid version – Instead of searching one article per one search you can search 5 – 6 articles in one go :).  This worked very well for me in initial days of my SEO career.

Plagium (Paid)

plagium paid duplicate check service
  • The paid services offered by Plagium let you search for plagiarism of large chunks of text.
  • For $1, you can purchase about 10 searches form Plagium.
  • If you need more, you can spend $20 and purchase 2,240,000 search units, which are equivalent to about 391 searches.
  • You also need prepaid credits to be able to use the amazing Deep Search feature which intelligently breaks up the provided content into paragraphs, and then checks each for plagiarism.

Plag Scan

plagscan duplication check tool
  • Plag Scan is an efficient tool to check duplicity of content, and is relied upon by several students, academicians and organizations.
  • Using PlagScan, you have the option of downloading document reports of the plagiarism checks.  Plag Scan offers differnet plans targeting different user segments.
  • For $13, one can purchase 500 PlagPoints, which are sufficient to check about 200 pages of content, with each page assumed to contain about 250 words.
  • For organizations with hevy demand of these services,
  • PlagScan has a special package wherin it documents and stores plagiarism check reports for as long as the client desires, and providing searches sufficient for 2,000 pages of content.

Plagiarism Detect

plagiarism detect duplication check tool
  • Plagiarism Detect is what you need if you want detailed reports of all searches you do.
  • Their standard scan for students is very inexpensive, priced at just ¢10 per search of about 275 words.
  • The advanced premium scan that uses multi layered scanning to come up with almost 100% accurate reports is priced at ¢50 per search of 275 words.
  • They do not have any minimum order size which is unlike Copyscape, so if you only want intermittent plagiarism checking reports, this service is useful for you.
If you find any other new tools or useful tools which we didnot cover, then please let us know (via comment) and we will update!
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