From Building Links to Earning Links

There’s been a paradigm shift that occurred as a result, moving from building links through the tactics above (or more ethical approaches) to thinking about earning links. In other words, could you earn links by:
  • Creating epic content that was so engaging people naturally linked to it in the course of their editorial and online work;
  • Promoting your content so that it gets in front of the right people, who are naturally motivated to share and link to your content;
  • Building relationships that give influencers in your space comfort in the fact that your work is high quality and valuable enough to share.
Earning links still requires a strategic approach, but it’s less about creating artificial structures that result in links or treating links like a numbers game. The focus, as with other areas of SEO, is on quality and value. Still, there’s an active place for building: instead of focusing on building links, focus on building your brand. If you’re creating high quality content that you’re placing in priority outlets, links will naturally follow as a byproduct of that work.
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