Promoting the Content That You Create

One of the most important aspects of any content marketing strategy is developing your content promotion strategy. If no one sees the content that you’ve created, it’s of limited value. While it may ultimately be found through organic search, it’s possible to add rocket fuel to your content by doing some strategic promotion. This has two benefits: the byproducts of links and shares are likely to help your organic performance and at the same time, decrease your dependence on waiting for search engines to notice and promote your content. Here are some different approaches that are effective in getting your content noticed in 2014:
  • Social media promotion: Promote your content through your social channels. Make it easy for readers to share by including social share buttons and a call to action encouraging them to share the content if they enjoyed it.
  • Connect to the broader conversation: Use features of social media such as hashtags to connect your content to the wider conversation that’s happening about your topics. Websites such as can help you find the right hashtags to promote your content.
  • Include in your newsletter: Newsletter subscribers often pay attention to different things than the people in your social feeds. Periodically send out round-ups of great content (your own and other people’s that you’ve curated) for extra exposure to your content.
  • Targeted outreach to influencers: Another strategy that’s extremely helpful for getting attention on your content is following up with influencers in your space. If your content is truly relevant to their audience and high value, a share or personal email can make them aware of your work and prompt them to promote it to their audience.
An important tactic for promoting your content is social media marketing. We’ll look at strategies for effective social promotion and engagement in the next chapter.
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